Spring Clean Car, House & Mind & Body – Yoga Saucha

In Dr. Emoto’s groundbreaking work of filming water molecules we see the images created with thoughts of love and gratitude. The energy of love looks like a crystal snowflake. Conversely, the water molecules of hate look sick and dark.

It is said we have over 60,000 thoughts per day!  Yoga gives us the tools to develop stronger awareness–to stay awake to the nature of our thoughts and feelings and choices.  As we heal consciousness of victim, blame, suffering, and unhappiness, transcendence takes place. We become more light, happy, and fulfilled. This is the heart of yoga saucha.

“Why would Pantanjali, the father and great sage of yoga, give such importance to Saucha (Yoga of Purity & Cleanliness) he places it as the very first philosophy?” writes master yogi Aadil Palkhivala.  “The reason is energy.” Aadil says when the body is dirty it holds past energy (vibration or resonance). When clothes are dirty, same thing.  I’m sure you’ve discovered, he notes, that when you just cleaned up your whole house it feels lighter and brighter.

Judith Hanson Lasater, another master yogi famous for her restorative yoga training, says when she first studied saucha, it felt to her like a set of moral rules. “No one told me that the intent in my heart mattered when I attempted to practice saucha,” she comments. “Since I have learned common-sense insight to saucha. If anyone embraces impurity in thought, word, or deed, you will eventually suffer.” Judith shares that with time saucha took on another dimension for her. “Rather than seeing it as a measure of my actions, I now see saucha as a reminder to constantly examine my intention behind my actions. When I focus on acting from compassion there is a space for saucha to arise from my heart.”

John Schumacher, another master teacher, says “Everything you say and do in life effects your life’s path.” John mails an occasional note on my writings. He may say something about clarity of a yoga sutra and then end the note with such kind compassion the message always teaches, never hurts

Aadil, Judith, and John all teach us all we have the power of choice. Then they give us the tools from the ancient yogis to use now in modern times. Whether or not we choose to eat organic, to clean up our cars and homes, it all boils down to the intent of choice. It’s time to Spring Clean!  Are you willing? My sleeves are rolled up weeding,
Scrubbing, washing, and purging.  How good work to make our lives clean!

What the master yogis suggest:

  1. Eat fresh, organic foods (avoid  processed food)
  2. Bathe or shower daily and two times a day if around crowds
  3. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas
  4. Keep teeth, gums, nails and hair impeccably clean
  5. Be in fresh air away from noise every day
  6. Wash your hands in warm water many times throughout the day.
  7.  Keep your bathroom (s) impeccably clean.
  8. Same for the kitchen where food is prepared
  9. Clean out and sort foods in your refrigerator once/week
  10. Keep garden areas and lawns beautiful and free of weeds
  11. Keeping your house clean includes the garage and basement.
  12. Keep your car showcase clean (it will slow modality of progress if cluttered or dirty.)
  13. Breathe deep, meditate, exercise, do yoga on a regular basis.


Suzette Scholtes

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