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(updated 08/28/15)

Weekly Yoga Classes

  • All Classes are ongoing – Join any class any time
  • With any class pass you may attend any class with any teacher
  • NOTE: Tuesday AM NEW CLASS TIME: changes from 9:00am to 9:30 am starting Jan. 26

Yoga Class Fees

Drop-In Fee - one yoga class $20
8 class pass - expires in 90 days $130
12 class pass - expires in 90 days $180
One Month Unlimited Yoga Classes $140
Six Month Unlimited Yoga Classes $750
One Year Unlimited Classes $1250
Annual Family Unlimited $1500

*Unlimited yoga packages exclude workshops. Yoga classes that are not used before the expiration date are forfeited.

Private Yoga Lessons: Available by appointment: $90/session (9l3) 492-9594.

Make-Up Policy: Go to any open class that is the same level as your class.

Refunds: No refunds or carry-overs of yoga classes or workshops.

Weather: We announce cancellations on the voice mail phone line, (913) 492-9594.

What do I wear to a Yoga Class?: Wear comfortable clothes which do not inhibit the teacher’s ability to see misalignments. We have men’s and women’s dressing rooms and the mats and props you need. Please do not eat heavily before class.