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The Wisdom Within

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga director

By Suzette Scholtes

Your Future: Ambivalence or Priority?

“ Midnight and moonlight and bright shining stars;
Darkness and glory rejoicingly blending,
Earth rising to heaven and heaven descending.”

Poetry of Emily Bronte (l8l8-1848) “Earth, Wind & Sky”

In a recent yoga philosophy discussion class, the exchange led to an important question: What is your priority and passions for your life now and in the future?

As the gathering ranged in ages from late 20’s to 50-something, the discussion created both anxiety and confidence, depending upon the person’s current focus.

At my age of 50-something, I hear often these days: What will you do when you retire? After the laughter cools down of the talk of lounging on a beach and sipping a cool drink, the tone becomes somber. I know a lot of 60 and 70 year olds who are really happy right now and guess what they are doing?


We need meaningful work--whether the “work” is helping to care for grandchildren, volunteer work, or continuing to work their chosen career, they appear extra radiant and fulfilled about their choices.

Let’s get back to the 20/30-year-olds in our group. When one wise man shared that he creates each day, each week, each year, a priority list for his life; his contentment and happiness grow. He said it helps create healthy boundaries. How much sleep does he need? How much quiet time? How much social interaction? How much prayer and yoga time? He sat silent for a long time, taking the group in, his prayer beads resting quietly by his side. When he spoke, it was with great wisdom about setting priorities.

One young lady had the courage to share that she did not know what she really wanted and asked how could she create a “priority” when in such ambivalence? I suggested that perhaps the best sentence for her priority list may be:

“I give myself permission to be unsure of my life for the next three to six months. I ask the Universe to guide me into the direction of my fulfillment.”

By the end of our sharing and closing meditation, a wonderful energy filled the room. My voice formed words that touched my heart and my eyes misted: “What if we put as our first priority: God first, love first. “Teach me love; show me love; heal me in love.”

The wise man that day said “If the first priority is clear, often the rest of your priorities fall into place.

All the rivers of the world flow into the seas. In the endless fathoms of the seas, all become one.

The Yoga School has moved to Overland Park! (one mile east of Quivira on l03rd Street) where Judith Lasater presents a weekend “Using Yoga to Heal Depression, Anxiety and Anger” Oct. 23-25. We will focus on knowing the “dosha.” Suzette Scholtes serves as director of teacher’s training for the school, now over two decades serves the Midwest. Contact her at (9l3) 492-9594 or