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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

Trusting Our Abundance & Success in 2008

“Asking Improves your Chance of Receiving by 200 Percent!”

- Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen, The Aladdin Factor

The word resolve defined in my old college dictionary: (Verb) To decide or to determine to do something. To make clear, explain or solve a problem. To transform; to convert.

This is our theme for our 2008 January newsletter and workshop descriptions on our website. We invited our students, faculty, supporters and volunteers to join us in resolving this year to meditate and build our awareness; to practice and learn new skills in yoga; to stay fit and eat a healthy diet; and to create more fun and be more social.

Still, it is so beneficial for each of us personalize our goals. As I look at my logs since l990 or so, the written resolutions changed a lot. One I wrote over l7 years ago reads “ heal self doubt” and last year’s were much more focused on “building success.” But you know I needed to heal self-doubt in order to build success so all in all the progressive and cumulative nature of writing goals each year served me well. All but one of my primary intents manifested in 2007. As the success authors remind us: Asking improves our chances of receiving by 200 percent!”

I find over my many years of spiritual studies these helpful guidelines to summarize and define our true resolve. I hope they help, reader friend.

  1. Become self-aware of your habituated patterns, payoffs, and hidden agendas. What I mean by this is to recognize the guilt, shame, grief, sorrow and remorse of your past. Also to watch for the trap of “entitlement.” It will stop the flow of success every time. If you do not know any of the subconscious hidden agendas lurking in your shadow, I suggest finding a spiritual counselor and/or mentor. Last but not least, ask Divine love for healing and forgiveness
  2. Examine areas that hold “lack,” manipulations or self-sabotage. Examine how to transmute these issues into power--the true power of loving CHOICE. Examine self-punishment and blame. Become honest to your blockages to love. How? Journal, talk, reflect, meditate. For example, some want success as a covert issue of control hidden in an agenda of “I’ll show them.” or “I’m better than they are” or others.
  3. Release “limited” thinking such as: Constantly worrying about work/money; or avoiding talking about your fears and anxieties; or thinking success makes you better than others, or such ploys as who am I to be successful (ego).
  4. The self-help authors say to examine why you want it. Be specific! Write an essay in 80 words: Why I want this success? Why do I really want this money to manifest?” If you want it for security and fun come to peace with it. Or maybe it’s so you feel safe, or to travel, or buy new car, etc.

Important! If we hold limited or negative beliefs, energy is blocked. If we do not believe we are worthy of success and happiness, what will manifest? How to master limited beliefs: Identify what is true to you and only you in what you really believe. Write out the old belief and write out the new one. Ask yourself why you block the new reality you wish to create. Forgive yourself for the old ways and all the old mistakes. Ask for help from Divine Love. Ask for intervention to your old beliefs so that help is now on its way.

I wish you a very happy and successful new year!

With Love and Caring…….Suzette


Suzette Scholtes is Director of Teacher’s Training at Yoga School of Therapeutics, established in l984. At this fine school, learn to deepen quality of life by touching your inner resources for more health and happiness.

Learn to deepen quality of life by touching your inner resources for more health and happiness. Reserve at (9l3) 492-9594.

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