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The Wisdom Within

Suzette Scholtes - yoga teacher / director

By Suzette Scholtes

How to Trust In Scary Times

” I think we may safely trust a good deal more than we do.” Henry David Thoreau “Everything is temporary!” was one of my Uncle Mike’s favorite sayings. He made his transition this past spring, leaving this legacy to play in my mind a lot of late. Anxiety is floating every where in our world! How “temporary” is it?

Do you agree that at some level everything is spiritual as we make our way to find answers and peace and happiness? When gas prices hike, economy shakes, food costs skyrocket, it affects who we are and how we cope. At a fundamental level, fear threatens our root charka to feel safe, secure, and connected in love. How do we lift to trust?

  1. Analyze and Plan. First, it helps to assess what is feeling threatened in your personal life. If one knows there is lack of money to cover basic security of food, clothing, and shelter, it is a big threat. Maybe the answer is to get a second job or change the budget and let go of extras like fancy cell phones or cable or spending $5 on a cup of coffee. Then there may be threats to someone’s well-being like a health crisis or hospital or medical bills. Maybe the threat is an “emotional” threat such as feeling very angry and blaming outward at the people and leaders around you. This assessment lays down the foundation to generate change.
  2. Find Fulfillment. This week, my friend and I spent a summer day together at her gorgeous lake home. “I’m so blessed and grateful for my life!”she says as I admire the beauty all around. Whether we live in a large home or small apartment, she just reflected what is important between our two ears: Fulfillment. Gratitude creates fulfillment and fulfillment creates more trust.

    Yes, we create goals and changes to come but to feel good every day about “something” in your life, resonates and generates laws of attraction. Another key to fulfillment is ease up on duty and obligation. There are things we choose to do and some things feel like duty but even to convert that into a lighter tone. Cross off the things which are guilt-generated or to check for fear-generated choices to ease up on the resonance or weight that may block the energy of success.
  3. Own your Happiness. There are many personal needs from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but key is to feel happy about what we have so we own a sense of security. Next think of defining the “needs” of a. creativity; b. then harmony (what you think, feel, say and choose are in harmony); c. your relationship with God; (trust more instead of doubt). How our your “defined” needs being met? When our “needs” are met it will help us feel happy and fulfilled.
  4. Value Yourself. In reflection, gather your inner resources of your strength and imagine building confidence. Reflect upon your true power or your willingness to change, grow, act, and choose with love. Reflect upon love’s power to give without measure of receiving. How do you value who you are? Do you feel how you matter to this world and many you love and who love you? Practice feeling you are a deeply worthy and deserving being of all happiness and success.

Dear reader friend, it’s impossible to give from an empty cup! Nothing changes until we change ourselves. How are we different today? Are we moving in love or fear? Am I finding confidence and self-trust? As we collectively alter consciousness, Uncle Mike will smile from the heavens and say, “I told you it was temporary!”

Suzette Scholtes next workshop is Sat., Aug. 23, l:30 to 4 p.m., where she teaches Reiki and self-healing which work to improve quality of life, confidence, and health of mind and body. The Yoga Studio of Johnson County. (9l3) 492-9594 or email