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The Wisdom Within

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Teacher and Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

Resolve with Passion! Resolve with Love!

RESOLVE: (Verb) To decide or to determine to do something. To make clear, explain or solve a problem. To transform; to convert.

Resolution is our theme for our 2009 winter curriculum at The Yoga School. We invite our students, faculty, and volunteers to meditate more; practice and learn new skills in yoga; stay fit and eat a healthy diet; and create more fun and be more social. The opening meditation class New Year’s Day invites you to focus on your life passions and priorities.

What I share next is personal. My most important priority is my spirituality and relationship with God/Goddess and All-that-is--nature, love, family, community, the Earth and her people and her world. What “floats my boat” may not float yours so there is a certain vulnerability in sharing my priority.

Our reasons to want “success” (most everyone wants success in health, money, and relationships) are private and personal. One way to evaluate your focus is simple: How is your life working?

  1. What are your passions? This poses a tough question for some. What touches your heart? What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning? What hobbies or projects involve you mentally, physically, and emotionally? What are you doing in those moments when you forget about time and space?
  2. What makes you happy? Although simple, here is a guideline that works well: Happiness is the meeting of your NEEDS. Joy is the fulfillment of your PREFERENCES.
  3. Are you too Self-Focused? Do you continually worry and avoid your fears and anxieties? Do you think success makes you better than others? Do you think you can do a better job than others? Such thinking may hold you in the prison of your own mind. It may reflect arrogance or ego. It may block your happiness and passions to flow with freedom!
  4. The self-help authors say to examine why you want it. Be specific! Write an essay in 100 words: Why do I want this success? Why do I want this to manifest?” If you want it for security and fun state that with honesty. Or maybe it’s so you feel safe, or to travel, or buy new car, etc.

Important! If we hold limited or negative beliefs, energy is blocked. If we do not believe we are worthy of success and happiness, little may manifest. Identify what is true to you and only you in what you really believe. Write out the old belief and write out the new one. Ask yourself why you block the new reality you wish to create. Forgive yourself for the old ways and all the old mistakes. Ask for help from Divine Love. Ask for intervention to your old beliefs so that help is now on its way. Ask, pray, ask, and ask again. Vision, meditate, and dream BIG!

When first awakening to the passion of my life, I released many old patterns and even some old friends. My new friend, Jill, was always ready to listen. She ended every phone call or visit with three words: I LOVE YOU. She lifted me up with her words. Now it’s a habit with my grown son, friends and others in my life. We end every phone call or visit with a farewell of love.

That in itself may be the most important focus for 2009.

With Love and Caring…….Suzette

Suzette Scholtes is Director of Teacher’s Training at The Yoga School of Therapeutics, which moved recently to 10400 W. 103rd Street, Hwy. 69 and Mastin, Overland Park. The winter calendar offers much to become passionate about! Check it out at or Email