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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette ScholtesIt is often remarked that "Auld Lang Syne" is one of the most popular songs that nobody knows the lyrics to. "Auld Lang Syne" literally translates as "old long since" and means "times gone by." The song asks whether old friends and times will be forgotten and promises to remember people of the past with fondness

2007: New Joy of Responsibility

In the movie What the Bleep Do We Know, one author says many write out an intent or goal yet feel it is impossible to achieve it. Sadly, their core belief over-rides their reality creation. While conducting meditation workshops, one exercise I offer is to write out what the participant believes about life… or core beliefs. This exercise opens the door to access more of the subconscious or unconscious and enables us to CHANGE the belief. For example, here are a few of my core beliefs written out decades ago:

  1. I believe in humanity’s ability to express goodness, truth, and beauty.
  2. I believe in America’s constitution of freedom of speech, religion, and pursuit of happiness.
  3. I believe love is the greatest healer… heals, not hurts.
  4. I believe in human dignity at all levels for all human beings.
  5. I believe the world offers abundance not lack.

If you think about this, it demands a fierce responsibility to become l00% honest with yourself. If the pain or hurts of the past block the choice to really get down and dig in the mud of honest feeling, the work is futile. Yet the North Star of our hearts is always our feelings.

What do you feel? What do you truly feel about work, relations, health, friends, and the world in which you live? I love what Mark Twain says about writing which applies to living our life: “Show, don’t tell.” How is your life unfolding? What is it showing you? What would you care to change? Inherent in this are clues to your core beliefs.

Talking to an acquaintance, she said this about her life. “You don’t understand. This family has always fought. They blame us for everything. We don’t have fun together because of this huge fight that happened (l5 years ago!) I’m so hurt by them. I just hate this.”

So I quote the friend: Do you want to hold on to a bit of self-pity or anger for the duration of your life? Or do you want to get in and throw a pity-party and weep and wail and get it done?

I know another friend who does well with his life. But then some conflict happens and all the old blaming comes back out and all the old angers. In the gentlest way I suggest what do you want to happen? I say maybe then let go of focusing so much what you don’t want?

Another key is always, always, always forgive ourselves. So this is a complex process but here are six steps to change those beliefs blocking our happiness or success:

  1. Identify what is true to you and only you in what you really believe. Journal if it helps.
  2. Write out the old belief and write out the new one. If it concerns relations, for example, it may read “I am becoming more willing to allow love into my life.”
  3. Burn the old belief in a safe way to ritualize the change. Do this as it impacts your subconscious.
  4. Stay awake if necessary as to why you block the new reality you wish to create.
  5. Forgive yourself for all the old ways and all the old mistakes.
  6. Ask, ask, and ask for help from Divine Love. Ask for intervention to your old beliefs so that help is now on its way.

Here are the six steps: Identify, write, burn (release), stay awake, forgive and ask. Watch the miracles that come into your life!

The year 2007 may be a grand one yet but as the old song Auld Lang Syn suggests we can make the choice to clear out old friends/stuff/chaos in our life but still remember them as a gift to our life’s process. There’s beauty in the chaos at some level in the growth opportunity it gave us.

With Love and Caring…….Suzette

Suzette Scholtes next meditation workshop is Jan. 20, l:30-3:30 at The Yoga Studio of Johnson County where she is founder and director of teacher training. Learn to deepen quality of life by touching your inner resources for more health and happiness. Reserve at (9l3) 492-9594 or email

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