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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

How to Love Yourself More

It’s been on my mind all year this quote from a friend: Every problem, worry, pain, and fear would lift if only you would love yourself more. But how? What does this mean?

Jeanette, our editor, listed for December “Angels in our Midst – Blessings in Disguise.” I sense that every loving thought, intent, deed, or action based on love is angelic, magical…lifting and expanding as opposed to weight and contraction.


First, accept yourself. Learn to recognize, accept, and forgive the good and ugly we each display in our human-ness. This is HUGE. Accept we make mistakes and get down and into the feelings of our dark side to recognize them and FORGIVE this huge block to self love.

Know why Fear is So Scary. The fears in my life keep me from more self-love: Fear of Success and Fear of Alienation or Humiliation. More than words here, fear is like an allergy that holds you back from feeling and creating high energy. It ‘s like you turn over the sofa cushion and see the bright colors where the other side is faded from the sun. Fear threatens exposure to both our light and dark sides. Fear says “Watch out or we will expose you and you will end up lonely and everyone will see your ambition, your hostility, your aggression . Then they will see your beauty and talent and all those things hidden away. So it becomes a psychic blackmail. But it can be reduced through recognition, not eliminated, and the best way to reduce it is talk about it with someone you trust or journal.

Eat Well & Rest Deep Those who love themselves well find this choice an easy one to create. Most folks are sleep deprived. Well, they may say, I can’t change my work schedule. Is that really true? All change is possible with clear intent.

Watch for the Inner Critic and turn it off as soon as that white noise of ego blares between your ears.

Suzette Scholtes is the founder and director of teacher training for Yoga School of therapeutics, established in l984. It is an accredited Yoga Alliance National Teacher Training School. Her studies have earned her over 8000 hours of certified training in meditation and yoga. She helps each student deepen quality of life by sharing techniques and tools of using inner resources for ongoing health and happiness. She teaches communication skills at each class to empower others to find their true voice. Suzette believes joy and humor are her greatest assets. Her work has appeared in many national magazines; including an audio published by New Leaf, Atlanta, l994. She has received several awards for her work in community Service.

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