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The Wisdom Within

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

“The unconscious does not have a sense of humor! It takes everything you say literally.”

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice.

How do we love ourselves more? Practice. Practice. Practice.

In the book “Re-member” by Steve Rother he writes one of his favorite sayings: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” He says if you don’t like what’s happening in your reality, then make new choices.

Over the years, I’ve used these four tools to help make empowered and new choices:

1. See Each Other as a Mirror

It’s easier sometimes to see things in others than to see things in ourselves. Often the things we want to change in ourselves are what easily annoys us in others…..especially if they are not working on their stuff! A good example is that of smokers who become intolerant of smoking. Their ego is getting a lot of rush out of feeling superior to the lowly smoker or is it a control thing? (Both are ploys of the negative ego). Another example is a person I know who has the tendency to “blame” the government for everything ….another sure fire tactic of the negative ego.

Try this technique if you will: Today I will see the love of God in every person I meet along the way! Today I will be a mirror of beauty and light and truth and allow others to see the great love of divine light shinning through my eyes and heard in my voice. This technique really is a lot of fun!

2. Cherish your Body: Good, Flaws and All!

Our human bodies are vulnerable as living, breathing, spinning, and conscious energy. I was talking to a girlfriend who said her day was ruined when she started her morning on the bathroom scales. If she were a few pounds up it would put her in a negative mood the rest of the day! We talked of her belief that her weight is related to acceptance and love. She’s learned as well to bless all the food she eats to empower her body with energy and health. She’s been looking gorgeous of late with lots of light in her eyes and shinny and healthy hair and skin.

The unconscious does not have a sense of humor! When you say I “hate the way I look” it takes you for your word! Remember when Dr. Emoto in “What the Bleep” used the labels of “love” or “hate” on the water bottles and the literal shape of the water molecules looked like diamonds or disease depending upon the negative or positive programming.

3. Become a Responsible, Honest, and Conscious Author of your Life

Every day and in every way I take responsibility for my feelings, mental focus and thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Taking ownership, defining, and choosing to change old beliefs and attitudes requires us to open to the sides of us we may wish to hide from ourselves and others. If we have the courage to do this, we help heal the pain of feeling separate and alone.

Even more, this responsibility provides a powerful hit of “self value and self respect” in the very nature of knowing you are directing your life based on your personal needs, preferences, and choices. What a self-loving thing to do!

4. Use Passion to Own More of Your Self-Worth

We are all born with the potential for self worth. Esteem and love are earned but self worth is our birth right. As an innocent child, if we were healthy and not abused, we laughed and played and lived in the moment full of energy and open to joy. But then we build protection layers around us to defend from parents, siblings, teachers, etc. We begin to block our self worth and that stops us from creating joy and ease and laughter. What happens often is we begin to touch that joy but then negate the experience because we feel unworthy to feel such joy.

How do you create more joy? Passion! Every time we awaken to our passions the joy flows like a river. We begin to sense our magnificence and creativity. That passion may weave through work or love or play or crafts or family or humor or art! How do you ignite your passions?

These four tools—mirror, cherish, author, and passion—become second nature to our daily routines. As that old saying goes: Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Practice. Practice. Practice.


Suzette Scholtes next workshop on creating success is June 30. On-going yoga classes for training teachers, auto-immune illnesses, gentle, advancing, meditation and more are offered at The Yoga Studio of Johnson County where she is founder and director of teacher training. More info at (9l3) 492-9594. A published author for 25 years.

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