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Four Ways to Love Yourself More

“Love yourself enough to give generously.”….. Suzette

I think my mom knew she was losing her mind well before it happened. She handed me, still in the store sack, the last gift she gave me. One of my most treasured possessions; it is a music sculpture of a young blonde girl in braids holding a basket of roses. She wears a blue dress and a quiet smile. When you wind it up it plays Love Story.

“Your dad said this was a waste of money,” Mom said. “But I wanted you to have this. It reminds me of you. “It cost a lot of money.” The last quote was a family dysfunction which translates to “I’m not sure if I am worth the money I spend on you but loved you enough to give it to you anyway.”

She said it cost her $9.99.

There is no bittersweet in this posting. This happened a long time ago. My mom was one of the first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s before the condition was known. In 1979, it was often called “hardening of the arteries.”

Today cleaning the house for family to arrive, while dusting the dresser the music sculpture began to play: “Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be. The sweet love story that is older than the sea. The simple truth about what love brings to me.”
I joke about the values family passed on, our parents being children of the depression.

“Poverty Consciousness” was taught to a bunch of us and it took years for me to reframe my thinking into abundance reality. Over the years, I’ve learned to speak of spiritual studies and growth only when asked. However, there are such universal principles in the laws of attraction some live the principles without naming them. It bubbles up naturally from the heart like a creek bubbling from the Earth. As this is Valentine Month and the energy of ever-increasing self-love is the root of all growth, here are a few thoughts:

  1. Little anyone else does or says is personal to you. It’s their stuff. Often the more a family member or colleague acts out; it is because they are removed form the “source” of Divine intelligence. The more you remain in the vibration of Divine intelligence the more you help them by NOT fostering co-dependence or trying to “fix” them. Hold them in the vision of loving character traits and think of their good points.
  2. Healthy boundaries are fundamental to any relationship. Meeting your own needs and preferences often leads to better relationships. We do not give from empty cups. Only then are we able to “give generously.” This is still in today’s world mis-understood.
  3. Take yourself off the hook for any past mistakes. We are human. We make mistakes and our mistakes are forgivable. This takes practice. Forgive yourself every time you become self-critical or remorseful. Forgiveness is the heart of self-love and loving others. You may not choose to forgive “what”another did to hurt you but we may forgive the insanity of the “why.” We may choose to forgive ourselves for getting caught in the wake of the drama.
  4. Try to focus on how you feel about others and let go of how you worry what they may think of you. This way you align yourself to the Source of all love and help them do the same.
Love carries the highest resonance of human emotion. My mom transcended in 1991 but even as recent as last week, shows up in my dreams or mediations with a positive message of the reason we are here on Earth: Love ourselves more to love those around us more.
With Love and Caring…….Suzette

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