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Tips to End Procrastination

Procrastinating was an issue for me for part of my life. When incorporating my own business over a decade ago, I made the choice to end this oppressive habit. Like a turtle pulling into its shell, putting tasks or projects off slows your success. You are standing still as the world passes you by!

Fascinating to hear in a personal growth seminar that the habit of procrastination is actually an unconscious choice to "punish" yourself. That hit me as such an unloving choice! These days I'll joyfully arise at 5:30 a.m. if needed to finish a project. Think of it this way: If I put it off maybe I do not want to "win" at an unconscious level. So I stay stuck in the mud of fear or self-pity when I procrastinate.

How do we end this habit?

  1. Understand the psychology of what is happening. Over-ride it with conscious choice. When we value ourselves and recognize that what we do, say, create, and offer "matters" to our colleagues, business, and families, your motivation will increase.
  2. Break it into chunks. If a project is large or feels overwhelming, I break it into stages. We produced last fall a 40-page anniversary magazine. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I created a mock up and got excited! Then I categorized the book into sections. This beautiful book came together with elegance and ease.
  3. Ask for Help. Another lesson for me was to understand that together is better. As self-esteem grows we are comfortable in asking for help. A great way to ask for what you want is use the words "are you willing" in the request. If stated this way, I give the other person permission to make an empowered choice. Using the "are you willing" statement creates an avenue for dialogue. This helps us stay clear of "controlling" or manipulating others. Try it! People love to help one another when the tenor is friendly and non-threatening.

As women in business, the winners never put off what may be done today. Remember, if you set a goal and it remains on your do-list week to week, this begins to diminish your self-esteem. Worse yet, then that green-eyed monster called Guilt will lurk in the shadow. As our friends at Nike say: Just do it!

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

Suzette Scholtes
Suzette Scholtes is honored to serve as a monthly columnist for Enlightened Practice Magazine, Florida. She has published in many national magazines and published "Yoga Balance" in l996. She helps each student experience quality of life by sharing techniques on how to use inner resources for ongoing health and happiness. Contact her at (9l3) 492-9594.

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