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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

How to Ease Worry and Fear

“Don’t worry. Be happy!”

-Pop Song from the 80’s

Each morning, before I leave the bedroom, a pranayama (breath) pillow supports my back as I greet the new day. I center. My favorite breath for centering and meditation is the l:2 ratio breath or shorter inhale with a longer exhale. I run energy into my body and imagine golden, diamond-like, shimmering light descending from my crown chakra into my entire cellular body. At this point, I create intents for the day and/or send energy of healing to others who have asked for help. The love infuses my whole being as I connect with my true self, high self, and God’s love.

Like brushing my teeth, it is a daily habit. Seven days a week, this ritual works for me. At a recent yoga workshop, Aadil Palkhivala asked us to commit to this daily practice of breath and centering. My house guest wondered on our busy Saturday during the event if I took time to practice. “Yes, for ten minutes or so on this busy weekend,” was my honest reply.

Why? Despite the "gloomers and doomers" all around and on the news, I’ve enjoyed the first four months of 2008 with success and happiness. It works!

When we worry, it will shift the energy a lot if we choose to relax and center with meditation or breathing. Researchers have proven how this technique builds esteem--enough to change life-long patterns of worry and fear. Other suggestions below may appeal to you. We are all unique in what techniques work for us in that personal and private way so it’s good to explore.

  1. Create an image to see yourself as a person worthy of success and happiness. How? Write it in a journal and practice positive self-talk. Create a “treasure map” or a “mind map” of the new you.
  2. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, exercise, get a massage, practice yoga, or any CONSCIOUS CHOICE that improves your life style.
  3. Reward yourself for your accomplishments. Just like the finance experts say, pay yourself first. So when life is going well, look at what took place to make that happen and share it with a friend. Compliment yourself! Do something nice for yourself.
  4. Paste your strengths and successes on notes around your mirror and keep a “success” or “miracle” journal of accomplishments or situations that make you feel happy, joyful, or filled with gratitude…the three “secrets” of success.
  5. Fake it until you make it! It’s a cliché I know but more than that it releases your imagination and creativity! What would it feel like to win or be happy? Imagine.
  6. Never procrastinate. Pay your bills early, work your projects, and clean the house as procrastination creates anxiety and self-loathing that takes away your happiness.
  7. MOST IMPORTANT: As you live your day, make a vow to NOT HURT ANYONE

with your thoughts, actions, or words. Avoid gossip. Stay alive to your inner-most feelings and emotions. Do you trust more? Are you being honest to yourself more?

Use imagery. Teaching yourself imagery and practicing it builds a link between the conscious and unconscious minds or high self and “low self.” The blending between is the space where we find healing and new light, new thought, and real change takes place. Some may say, “This won’t work!” Ah, negative ego trips them up again. It works. Want to end worry and become happier? Breathe, relax, imagine, and spend time in the light.

Suzette Scholtes next workshop in June again focuses on happiness and quality of life. Check on line at the Yoga School of therapeutics where she is founder and director of teacher training. Call (9l3) 492-9594.

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