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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

“Keep it light,” the wise one said. “If you choose to have fun it will open many doors.”

Change is Good! You Go First!

Change is good! You go first! So goes an old saying. This phrase is amusing even if a bit cynical.

My brother-in-law from Lubbock, Texas quit smoking with ease a year ago with a book called “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking” by Alan Carr. He had been a John-Wayne-heavy-duty smoker all of his 50-something years. He did it with no patches, no pills and no program…just the book.

Carr claims how easy it is to quit smoking but since everyone whines it is so hard we set ourselves up for failure. Carr says it’s the same for losing weight or other lifestyle changes. The author contends we are brain-washed into making it hard when in perspective it’s really the most freeing, exciting, and empowering choice a smoker can make. He guides his reader how to “reverse” the brain-washing to make it easy.

Easy is a good word. The thesaurus alternatives to “easy” are laid-back, calm, tranquil, effortless, undemanding, painless, trouble-free, and relaxed. I love the word!

So with “easy” Carr helped millions of folks quit smoking. Ironically, he died at age 72 last fall of lung cancer. In his obituary, he said lived a successful life, quitting his two-pack a day habit to help millions of people quit smoking.

I find the guy to be an unforgettable character. I wonder if he had been around to watch the “Secret” he would be jumping up and down for joy. If you have not heard of this self-help book and DVD, it is about the laws of attraction (i.e. like attract like.) It’s been on every major talk show and covered on CNN. Why? The world is changing. We are evolving to take more responsibility in that we think, say and do. The authors outline the importance of visualizing with JOY, asking for what you want, and taking action towards the goal with a POSITIVE attitude. Then at all times sprinkle your daily routine with authentic feelings of gratitude.

I talked to a lot of people who were jazzed about the idea of these principles. Yet, a number of folks who want to create and manifest change pretty much fell flat while others are succeeding. In the past four months, I and other friends applied the principles and track a lot of little successes that really add up. What’s the difference?

Well, maybe a clue here. I surveyed a group of students at The Yoga Studio on their thoughts for an event. I was surprised how many replied using the words “I can’t afford it.” Do you agree they were creating what they expressed and the outcome is lack of money?

At the same time, I visualized with joy and intended a feeling of happiness regarding this month’s national training at The Yoga Studio. It was over-the-top successful with more money than ever before. Even more so was the success we felt in the laughter, the camaraderie, the high energy of the event. Everyone who attended from more than six states around Kansas—including Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky—left feeling enriched, supported and valued.

The event went smooth and easy. Karim and I have learned to ask for help and line up volunteers so we may enjoy ourselves. It’s the heart of the “Secret.”

Change is good! Use the key cards to practice some of these principles: Keep your attitude easy and figure out to how to have fun. Then sprinkle in some heart-felt feelings of gratitude and absolutely many doors will open.


Suzette Scholtes next workshop on creating success is June 30. On-going yoga classes for training teachers, auto-immune illnesses, gentle, advancing, meditation and more are offered at Yoga School of Therapeutics where she is founder and director of teacher training. More info at (9l3) 492-9594. Suzette is a published author for over 25 years.

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