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Can Yoga Make You Really Happy?

As a result of contentment, one gains supreme happiness, so reads Sutra II-42 in simple translation. Over 2000 years ago, Patanjali, the great sage, composed a series of “sutras” or threads to explain yoga to his contemporaries. Translations of these texts, of which there are many, explore human psyche and its intricacy.d

In this technological age, yoga serves as a rudder in currents of much change and activity. There’s never been a better time to explore yoga (from qualified teachers) as in the new millennium. The stigma of yoga in the 60’s drug culture is almost gone in this information age. Karim and I sensed the movement toward yoga’s authentic impact many years ago. We are happy this semester as fine teachers join our staff. We intend The Yoga Studio to be a school which meets the needs of a wide variety of students: from the athlete to the executive; from the health-challenged to the pregnant woman and all in between.

Thus the strong robust energy of Ashtanga (power) yoga will be enjoyed by those who want to work hard and sweat. Emily and Genevieve, two great teachers, now teach more power classes each week. We continue to offer a well-researched curriculum for pregnant and post-partum mothers. With Karim ready to give birth to her baby girl at the time of this printing, her compassion and knowledge of yoga and pregnancy is noteworthy. Our pranayama (breathing) workshop, which helped Karim prepare for a successful and easier birth, is an experience of pure bliss (see events). Tai Chi teacher, Angela, has been dubbed by students already as the “real thing.” She returns to her fall class from fresh study in China. As always, Kristen and myself (and all of us) continue to find the best therapies for stiffness, pain and issues for fibromyalgia and other ailments.

As we create an exceptional fall curriculum of classes for 2001, I am happy. The “new birth” from our seeds planted in 1999 continue to give fruitful harvest. The babies born from the groups of moms this past spring and summer, and my soon-to-be-born goddaughter, Kiara, give new hope and promise of a bright tomorrow. Our light grows brighter as exceptionally gifted teachers all say yes to sharing their time and talents with new classes.

Yoga Sutra II-42 in the version Senior Teacher John Schumacher suggested I read 20 years ago, says it the best: “The days that make us happy find that they had one thing in common. For this or that reason, we had temporarily ceased to feel anxious; when we live — as we seldom do — in the depths of the present moment, without regretting the past or worrying about the future.”

Yoga continues to show me that the gift of contentment is one of choice. Yoga puts us into the present moment again and again. We must first choose to practice. We much choose to “show up” and get on our mat to make this ritual complete. We choose to become still enough yet stay awake to hear that powerful voice that says “yes.”

Come plant some seeds of happiness. Welcome ...


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