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The Wisdom Within

Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

Becoming a Conscious Traveler

Trust me a kind word will create a ripple effect on thousands of travelers that day.

Since 911, my girl friend says she’d rather clean house all day than travel on an airline. Yet, just like the endless task of cleaning, it has to be done to get from point A to B. In the drama and chaos of our modern airports, you can see much good and beauty as well as witness the cranks moan and groan.

To become a conscious traveler it helps to be in touch with your attitude and feelings. What I do is try to be connected to myself, and then focus on what connection I am creating with others around me. I offer compassion to the parent of the crying baby, the frustrated attendant, or the demanding executive.

I think you’ll be amazed at how much more pleasant your travel becomes! Here’s how:

  1. ARRIVE EARLY. Then you avoid the anxiety of competing with others for your parking space, gate, etc. With a little extra time you may choose to help others in need. Let someone go ahead of you in line or take a few moments to chat with airline personnel in an amicable way. Trust me a kind word will create a ripple effect on thousands of travelers that day.
  2. MAKE IT MEDITATIVE. Where else than in church or a spa are you forced to turn off your computers and cell phones and be alone with your thoughts? Focus on your breathing and your posture to allow yourself to relax. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way to attract the positive outcome of a smooth and easy journey.
  3. PROGRAM YOUR INTENT. Honest, the last time I lost luggage—and I travel a lot—was 35 years ago before I learned to meditate and practice yoga. I NEVER lose luggage. I close my eyes for a micro moment when the bags are checked and surround them with white light. I ask my angel friends to deliver them in good order on the other side. One of my doubting friends’ eyes grew like saucers to see our bags come off the belt FIRST after a cross-country trip. We also program our on-time departure/arrival. This is a bit tricky with weather and all but in l0 trips this past year we were only late one time.
  4. REST BEFORE & AFTER. The body is sensitive to zone changes and air pressure, etc. We try to arrive early before a conference to build in quiet time. On returning home, even a few hours at home to catch up on laundry or email helps ease the transition to regular routine.
  5. EAT HEALTHY & HYDRATE. Pack healthy snacks. Fresh fruit digests in 20 minutes and helps keep you hydrated. Drink bottled water as opposed to the water offered in the airline containers and lots of it.
  6. TAKE A FOAM YOGA BRICK. Use it under your feet, behind your lumbar spine, or under your shoulder blades. As well carry your own eye cover, light throw or jacket and an extra pair of socks to keep your feet warm.
  7. MOVE AROUND. Change your seated posture often and walk around the cabin when permitted. You may be looking forward to your destination, but contentment comes from enjoying the journey. If we all check our attitudes when we check our bags, and then use some of these tips, the trip is more pleasant for all.


Suzette Scholtes has been checking her attitude a lot of late. Learn principles of awareness at each of her weekly yoga classes. Call (9l3) 492-9594. Her next workshops are Sept 9, “Sequencing” and Sept. 22, “ Partner Yoga” at Yoga School of Therapeutics.