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My favorite definition of beauty: Feeling joy and peace at the same moment; feeling alive and serene at the same moment; feeling awe and wonder at the majesty of living life. Beauty inspires others with grace of loving deep, wide and full. There also is a sense of dignity: to value and appreciate oneself and to live with confidence, not arrogance. Despite the pressure from Hollywood, it’s never about the outside, true beauty, but the radiance on the inside.

On the habitual side, daily, I “move the blood” even if a few handstands or downward facing dogs. Other days my yoga practice may go for 90 minutes. It’s important for me to get fresh air and enjoy nature almost daily, even in winter. On the spiritual side, meditation is a great love of mine so that’s easy. When time, I sit for an hour. Those busy days I may sit just l0 minutes. I connect to my soul, high self, and God consciously, sometimes several times each day. I set a clear intent for each day to allow my high self to guide me and help manifest the best possible outcome with no harm.

My diet is organic as much as possible. On days fresh foods are depleted, stocked on my shelves are organic food bars and always brown rice and dried fruits. It took me a while to avoid sugar and processed foods. As I visit with others about this we find it becomes second nature and no hardship at all.

I avoid going into “martyr” over food. When someone presents me a beautiful slice of cake, I take a few bites, rave over it, and leave most on my plate. I do not punish others with my diet choices or hold it as better than they for eating and loving their cake. Arrogance that one’s food choices are better than another’s is very toxic. It is harmful to feel superior to others for our chosen life style. That in itself is aging… feel better than any other for any reason siphons away energy…..ego stuff. I hydrate constantly using waters and lots of teas, full of herbs and nutrition.

Recently, I was sitting with a great gal who gave me a facial. She went on to how fine my skin. “I never thought of myself as having great skin, “ I said. “Well, it’s time you do, “ she replied.

I drove home thinking of all those years I wasted being hard on myself for imperfections. What a miracle took place that day when I shifted my image, yet again! Today, I invite you to try the three commitments (fresh food, exercise, and silence) to see if it helps you feel healthier and more alive.

Beauty is on the inside and it resonates from good self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-value and gratitude. That’s something everyone may work to create and it begins with habits that foster positive feelings.

Folks ask what else I practice: Infinite patience. I listen for the music in nature. I hear the spirit call. It sustains me. I wait for more courage to build within me. I feel all my feelings and think my thoughts and remain responsible for them to process and honor all of me. Silence is one of my best friends. My other “best” friends are invaluable players in my life. Never a week goes by without their love and support.

Regardless of age, women and men of true beauty radiate a confidence and a glow that comes from the inside.

Suzette Scholtes
Suzette Scholtes is founder and Director of Teacher’s Training at Yoga School of Therapeutics. She is author of many national columns and articles as well as published by New Leaf, Atlanta. She has earned over 8000 CEUs in her many studies worldwide. The school is a National Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Training School. The staff teaches classic yoga and related therapeutics to help each person strengthen inner resources for ongoing health, happiness, and quality of life.

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