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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

Personal Coach: Abundance & Prosperity Part II

"”Show, don’t tell,” say the writing teachers. Same for spiritual growth. These words changed my life. Show your success like scenes in an award-winning movie.

“It’s easier to write short than it is to write long,” writes Mark Twain as he explains what I call the “elegance” of writing. All of us write something: emails notes, memos, reports or letters. Good communicators are clear, concise, creative, consistent and confident. Yet we have over 60,000 thoughts per day! How do we sort out the clutter to create the best possible outcome of our heart’s desire?

Last month in this short column, I wrote about two daily exercises to increase abundance and prosperity: l. Center your Energy Daily to align yourself to love and God and 2. Share your energy as it returns to you when shared. (Example: clean out your closet to attract new clothes.) This month, I list principles of the laws of attraction that help us “show not tell” and help create elegant outcome, not struggle.

  1. Some people say they intend abundance but it never comes! Be sure you have not convinced yourself you CANNOT have more to avoid the disappointment of wanting something and NOT getting it. Maybe old belief systems are still blocking the flow.
  2. Create hour to hour intents. For example, when you pick up the phone to answer intend how you wish to go and watch the tone of your voice, attitude, and intent whether social or business.
  3. We live in polarity. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Do you actions support blending (attraction) or separation?
  4. Abundance is also an attitude. Adopt the attitude of always having more than you need with high expectation of more success.
  5. Both lack and abundance are illusion. When the world economy is good everyone benefits and vice-versa. When we keep energy in motion it proliferates. A basic example: When you teach a class with high enthusiasm people talk about it and more are attracted to you. Again attitude plays in here. Sour grapes attract sour grapes.
  6. Learn to accept success and gifts and money with grace. Money flows to you the more you allow it to flow. If you gave someone something from your heart and they did NOT accept it with love the gift became diminished.
  7. Practice the art of grateful acceptance and quality of life improves in all areas. Example: Enjoying the appreciating your food while you are eating allows it to digest more efficiently and creates better energy (as opposed to eating with guilt or hurry).
  8. We have 60,000 thoughts per day and those reflect your beliefs. In short you get what you are thinking about whether it is conscious or unconscious. Stay awake! Stay powerfully and responsibly awake to every thought you think.
  9. The art of allowing says: I am what I am and I allow others to be who they are. If for example, another in your life is feeling angry it will affect you. However, we can choose to put up boundaries and avoid projecting our own anger back. We may choose to forgive them for using their anger as a manipulation, which is often is; or the fear that maybe hides behind their behavior.
  10. My most important teacher, Lazaris, has said many times: The future is created by the present against the backdrop of the past. The now moment reflects the future to come. As you read this what is going on within you?
  11. The belief of lack has been engrained in our culture and society. Such statements as “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” keep the belief of lack in place. Only you can break the cycle as you create your reality with new beliefs.
  12. Sometimes we fail to give it enough intensity. Perhaps we write out the goal and then drop it into a desk draw. We are not saying and focusing and thinking enough on what we want to create. Work to become more deliberate, consistent, clear, unwavering, and confident in your intents.

So many powerful books and authors now are available on this topic. We need to find our favorite sources of information and inspiration for what may inspire me may not inspire you. Three resources I relied upon for this article are “The Law of Attraction”: by Esther and Jerry Hicks; “Welcome Home” by Steve Rother and the Group; and “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.

Keep it light and keep it fun as you create the winning life. With love always…..Suzette.

Suzette Scholtes has been winning at life for most of it. Learn principles of abundance at each of her weekly yoga classes.

Her next workshop on Success with Meditation and Imagery and Creating is Sat., Aug., 25, at Yoga School of therapeutics. Contact: website or (9l3) 492 9594.

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