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Suzette Scholtes - Yoga Director

By Suzette Scholtes

Personal Coach: Abundance & Prosperity Part I

"You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being. Not because anybody says so, not because you're successful, not because you make a lot of money, but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason.” Wayne Dyer

Abundance and prosperity is much more than the green stuff. Abundance is richness in work you enjoy; friendships you treasure; deeper intimacy with God and one another, and last but not least having fun living life. It takes money if you wish to travel, dine at fine restaurants, or buy beautiful things but the principle remains the same. True abundance is the wealth of loving life in all ways.

In Part I, I share two techniques to flow more abundance into your life but first it helps to be aware of the “blocks” to the flow of energy. For money is energy first and foremost. For l000’s of years, the ancient yogis talk of maya….our world is an illusion. This is not the more real but a dream. So money takes on all this weight but it’s still a symbol. Ancient mystics did not understand. They said to be enlightened give it up to the poor or better yet give it to us for our temples and churches. Then it became an exchange of chickens and goats.

This food exchange at some level was more honest. Next they made coins of silver and gold…and “cha-ching” came into our world. Yet with its wearing holes in our pockets the Fed produced notes of paper. Then we made up checks with pretty symbols and happy faces and then came credit cards with colored holograms. This is abundance?

As we intend what we want to manifest and create it helps to give up the weight. Why? It helps release the scarcity and lack. If we approach the whole thing with fear and weight, it blocks the flow. Even if we feel somehow those with lots of money are more powerful or more important at some level it’s not true. As author Wayne Dyer writes you decide to believe in yourself and that’s reason enough to value yourself.

Daily Exercise #1 – Center Your Energy: I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Trust me, it works. It’s more than prayer or meditation but the art of quieting down to place yourself in a position of receiving with clear intents. It is not selfish to center yourself and dream how your day will go and what successes you will create. If we fail to put ourselves first in the flow of energy new creations are slowed.

There is a wonderful example of this you hear in air travel. The attendant instructs that if the cabin pressure falls and oxygen masks release put on your own first before helping others or your children. We help others when we are in that position of taking care of ourselves first. We do not give from an empty cup.

Do something nice for yourself today. Your ability to treat yourself well reflects how well you will attract abundance. At a recent workshop at The Yoga Studio, an executive who is our student took off two days to enjoy it. “It’s so great you take time off work to do yoga!” I say. “No,” he replied laughing, “I take time off yoga to do my work!” This man runs a multi-million dollar company. He gets this concept!

Daily Exercise #2 – Share: Energy is motion. When you give away, there is a space to fill. When we give from the heart it returns to us l0-fold or better. We know as teachers and healers that our work is to help others learn to empower themselves. Free of co-dependency, the work helps others take responsibility with the grand glory of free choice or free will. This is empowering! For example, if a person practices the yoga principle of pranayama daily, the nervous system will be restored and rejuvenated and health improves. No one can do that for you. You must choose to practice. Who is sharing in this exercise? You and your soul and your spirit and high self if you invite them!

Another simple example is new clothes. My sister has a rule that if she buys something new, the old stuff must go. Or if you clean out your closet you make space for the new. The old stuff goes to the Good Will and we share to make new space. Everyone benefits.

You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being. Not because anybody says so, not because you're successful, not because you make a lot of money, but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason.


Suzette Scholtes next workshop on creating success is June 30. On-going yoga classes for training teachers, auto-immune illnesses, gentle, advancing, meditation and more are offered at Yoga School of Therapeutics where she is founder and director of teacher training. More info at (9l3) 492-9594. A published author for 25 years.

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